Saturday, September 15, 2007

Take A Poll

I'm not sure yet what the question is, for the poll that might already be posted by now, just to the right there somewhere... But I will be posting a poll after writing this, and I'm not sure yet what the question will be.

Me... me... me... That's how I feel writing a blog; guilty. I'm this I'm that.

I'm awaiting nervously for October 1st to get here: my first printed review for Library Journal. It is a review of the new Steve Almond novel (Not that You Asked): Rants, Exploits, and Obsessions. I think it's funny that "(Not that You Asked)" is the beginning of the title, I wonder if anyone will actually think I'm saying... "side note, 'not that you asked,'?" I doubt it somehow.

So, I review, I also have a review to be released in an undetermined future issue of Library Journal, a review of a book called Sedaris, by Keven Kopelson. Both can be found in my library.


glittermom said...

can we get a subscription to Library Journal or can it be found on the news stand? Inquiring minds need to know...Will you have a picture posted with your review? Maybe the one from your blog...

david-reynolds said...

No no, no pictures please ;-) You can get Library Journal from your local library or yes, you can subscribe, but I warn you, it is a tad bit "exclusive." The journal of library science is available to very smart members of the public, so you would be eligible. It comes out twice monthly, always something to look forward to! That's 2 issues each month.

Very hip and current book reviews on every imaginable topic. I have found books in Library Journal that I could not have ever known about. Great books! I will have book reviews published nearly monthly, so keep an eye out for my name, but not my face!