Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Night the Internet Died

Wow! My Internet connection was just down for about 20 hours, maybe less, and I have been in a slowly building panic this entire time. Now, that's sad isn't it? As I sat here, entering and re-entering WEP codes and fiddling with wireless settings and airport stuff, I started thinking about the way it was...

What would I have been doing ten years ago right now? 1997, Boston? No, Columbus :-( Yes, CompuServe, Columbus, it's all coming back to me... OK, bad time frame, sorry.

Let's say, twenty years ago... No, too far! The point is, I'm just thinking back to a particular feeling of not being bored or stressed out or chronic this, or that syndrome, or the latest synthetic pre-packaged happiness... I remember the Siouxsie lyric from Switch,
Curing their ailments
With drastic side-effects oh
I digress, I am bitter, and I am... bored. There I said it.

That is a terrible thing for someone to come out and say, "I am bored." Awfully rude, wouldn't you think? But now days I think it's fine. I watch MTV from time to time and society's rudeness meter is way off, so I'm safe. My Internet connection is back. It's great to be alive, but... I'm bored.


Roebaer said...

Bored? That's funny, ten years ago, I recall a guy(and I tell this story to this day) who conceived and invented the whole idea of "Blogging". Amazing . Too bad he didn't patent the concept. He'd be a billionare. Alas!
Somewhere lost in Clintonville between an Episode of Absolutely Fabulous and a Henry Rollins rant, the idea of WebLogs were born... Now the guy's bored.

Susan Benz Сьюзен Бенз said...

Jeesh I'd better go out and buy some candles and matches.